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At Seeds of Africa, we recognize that education, entrepreneurship and microloans are the basic ingredients proven to reduce poverty and promote economic growth, and build healthier, productive, and efficient societies. The household income for a Seeds family is between $20 and $50 per month. As the adage goes, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” We believe growth requires going beyond giving aid, so we work with Adamian parents and students to achieve success.


                                                                 How We Are Doing This
We believe that education and basic medical information are powerful ways to drive behavioral change. It is for this reason that the Take-Root Center acts not only as centers for academic learning, but a place for health and general wellness education for the entire community.  
Parents receive regular health seminars and participate in a bi-monthly  “ Community Coffee Chat” series, in partnership with the Family- Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE). Centered around the culturally important Coffee Ceremony, a FGAE representative fosters discussion with up to twenty-four mothers on health topics that have been previously selected by the group.
Adult Literacy Courses
Regular Literacy Courses are provided to upgrade each Seed female guardian’s literacy level as a tool for personal empowerment and a means to reach their full potential as parents, community members, and employees. Seeds of Africa believes literacy is a human right and a necessary tool for adults to raise children with strong literacy skills, to keep themselves and their families healthy, and to be active members of society.
In the Fall of 2012, twenty-three mothers successfully completed the adult literacy program. This program offered parents the opportunity to upgrade their level in reading, writing and financial literacy, acting as a tool for personal empowerment and a means to reach their full potential as parents, community members and employees. In addition, fifteen additional participants began Parent Readers Program in March of 2013.
Entrepreneurial Seminars and Business Courses
Regular entrepreneurial seminar offerings prepare Seeds of Africa guardians to start or grow a business. Topics include essential business concepts such as separating money between business and household, reinvesting profit, maintaining records, analyzing successful business in Adama, thinking proactively about new markets, and a how-to in writing business plans
Following these seminars, Participants receive Business Planning support through instruction and one-on-one assessment by staff who are trained locally in the field. Plans are constructed collaboratively with participants and experts to lay out the framework of the future business.
Micro-Finance Project
We are thrilled to announce that in March 2013, a group of Seeds of Africa mothers and grandmothers received microloans to start or upgrade their businesses. Stay tuned for updates as we watch them grow!