Students listen to their own heartbeats
Kaleab finds a new way of communicating
A new musical life for the Take-Root Center is born
Project Communication and Sound

In this first music project students transformed the sound of their own heartbeat into a drumbeat using a stethoscope and later a drum. We wanted to introduce 'live' music as a subject at the Take Root Center, but in order to do this we needed to start with the basics - a heartbeat! From there students composed their own melodies and lyrics, and we are now working on recording all of our Seeds Songs.

Idea listing and first draft
The 'published board' of our writers
A Seeds of Africa published writer!
The Published Writing Project

In this writing project, students take on the role of a writer by brainstorming ideas, writing a first draft, taking part in the editing process with teachers and fellow students, and finally producing a finished 'published' work for display in the classroom. All student writings during the editing and draft process are kept in individual Writer's Boxes. Students write both non-fiction and fiction and are encouraged to choose topics that have personal meaning for them.

Yeabsira revisits the Mouse Tale drama in his painting
Abel creates a portrait of his teachers
The Take Root Center Art Gallery exhibit, 'Generosity'
The Generosity Art Project

Students have been working on investigating philosophical concepts such as love, caring and generosity. Simultaneously, the students showed interest in building an art gallery space within the school compound. The students decided to meld these ideas together and we created the Current Concepts Project - this time with a focus on generosity and the act of giving. Students created art with a recipient in mind and were tasked with thinking about how to bring pleasure and joy to someone else.