Seeding Education



Seeding Education is an innovative pre-school, kindergarten, and after-school program that includes academic projects, cultural enrichment, the arts, ethics, sports and student health education and counseling services. In addition, sutdents are provided with nutrition, medical services, clothing, school supplies, and uniforms.

We hire teachers within the Adama community who understand the vital importance of creativity and problem solving, qualities that foster leadership in students. Using individual education plans, our teachers create concrete development goals that allow each child to actively participate in reaching his or her own potential.

Individual and group projects are based on personal interest or can evolve out of activities in the classroom and allow students to act as creative thinkers, researchers, and problem-solvers.

Documentation is an important aspect of the educational journey, and therefore our classroom walls exhibit student artwork and projects, offering students the ability to see their concepts grow from idea to final product.

Extracurricular activities are also an essential part of our programming, including trips to local cultural facilities and institutions of higher education, and participation in the Seeds of Africa Soccer team.

As a result, all of our Seeds students are ranked in the top 5% at their public schools. They demonstrate success across a wide variety of interests and skills, including reading and writing, science experiments, use of creative expression and willingness to contribute to the Seeds of Africa community.