Our vision is to create a self-sustaining model for education and community development that can be replicated in other African communities.

Beginning in Ethiopia, we educate and nurture gifted children, young adults, and communities with support that meets basic needs, an innovative curriculum, and community development programs.

We move beyond the traditional aid model, shifting from mere relief efforts to giving students, families, and communities the skills they need to support themselves and rise above poverty.

Here’s how we’re doing that:

We’re Enabling Students:

We call our students “Seeds” because of their tremendous promise. We choose our students because they have each exhibited unique gifts – creativity, leadership skills, and strong academic performance – but their families often cannot provide basic necessities.

We’re Empowering Teachers:

Through constant exchanges and frequent visits, we collaborate with our incredible Ethiopia-based teaching team to provide an ever-evolving and innovative curriculum, promoting both the intellectual and personal growth of our students.

We’re Working With Families:

Families are a crucial part of our mission. Partnering with community development programs in Adama and abroad, we seek to advance literacy and vocational skills enabling our families to foster stable homes and generate sustainable incomes.

We’re Growing Communities: 

Call us ambitious, but we believe that by improving the lives of bright, young Africans in cities like Adama, We’re supplying the tools they need to inspire transformations not only in their communities, but in us, too

Our work is vital to Ethiopia.

  • Because its future is in the hands of its citizens.
  • Because a high-quality education is a necessity.
  • Because the human desire to thrive is there, but the educational resources in Adama to allow its youth to excel are not.
  • Because African children can become leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, athletes, actors, teachers, or anything else they aspire to be!
  • Because literacy and education will wage war on poverty, bringing about meaningful and sustainable change in the lives and communities of Africans.