Dear Friends,

Seeds of Africa was built on a dream.
When asked how I dreamed of making an impact on the world, I immediately said: I want to build the best school in Ethiopia.

That conversation took place over five years ago and in that time, Seeds of Africa has gone from an idea spoken out loud to a friend – to a school with over 50 students and community-based programs for their families, including adult literacy classes, career development counseling and a micro-finance program that works with women in the local community to start small businesses in order to become financially independent.

I am always humbled by how a few words, given in response to a question, can transform thoughts into action.

We always intended that Seeds of Africa would grow in size and that one day, we would open the doors to hundreds of students. With your help, we have been able to turn a dream into a plan and that plan has a start date: Now.

On July 1st, we formally inaugurated our “Year of Dreams” – timed to the official launch of our campaign in support of our Seeds of Africa “Dream School.” We look forward to sharing stories about our students’ successes and the construction plans as they are developed. We will also share the creation of new programs that will significantly change the way our students and their families engage with the Seeds family and impact the lives of those around them.

I have learned over the years that dreams become reality when we share them with others. Communities make dreams come true. So, tell us your dreams and let’s look forward to the “Year of Dreams” together.
With love,

Atti ES

Atti Worku
Founder/Executive Director