Q: What is the mission of Seeds of Africa Foundation?

A: Seeds of Africa is working to educate gifted but underprivileged children in Ethiopia and beyond. Seeds bridges the gap between potential and opportunity, enabling students to focus on their education–and just be children with a promising future. (Read more about our mission)


Q: How will the money raised by Seeds be used?

A: The money raised by Seeds of Africa Foundation goes directly to its programs in Adama, Ethiopia. Having a volunteer staff in New York cuts down the administrative costs of the organization so that the money can go directly to funding our education and community development programs.


Q: Why does Seeds place its focus on education?

A: We believe that lack of access to education is one of the root causes of poverty. By providing access to education, Seeds is not only tackling this root cause but also developing a sustainable way to fight poverty in the future. (Link to education page)


Q: What is the trajectory for the students involved in Seeds?

A: Seeds ensures that its programs meet all the needs that students have throughout their education. When they graduate, Seeds will continue to provide support through college scholarships and through partnerships with local companies that will facilitate the students’ placement in the workforce. We plan for the future alumni of Seeds to continue their involvement in the program as mentors, passing their strategies for success down to the younger students.


Q: Does Seeds do other work in the community?

A: Yes, Seeds is in the final stages of creating a community development program that will work with the parents of the students at Seeds to increase their earning potential through workshops, job-training and partnering with microfinance institutions that give loans to entrepreneurs in the community.


Q: Why did Seeds choose Adama as the starting place for its work?

A: Our Founder is from Adama, and we are leveraging her knowledge of the community to start here. The initial support Seeds received from the community in Adama is what made our early success possible and encourages us to continue to bring positive change to the community. (Link to Ethiopia factoid page)


Q: Where is Adama?

A: For more information on Adama, see the map here (link to map on Ethiopia page)


Q: If I choose to donate online, how does that work? Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: You can donate here (link) or send a check to:

Seeds of Africa Foundation
432 East 13th Street, Suite 16
New York, NY 10009

All donations are tax-deductible and secure (link to finance page)


Q: How else can I help Seeds of Africa? What jobs/internship/volunteer opportunities are available? Are there volunteer opportunities with Seeds in Adama or elsewhere in Africa?

A: Seeds always welcomes support from volunteers. Click here to fill out a form and indicate your areas of interest (link to volunteer page)


Q: I am part of a non-profit organization that works in Africa. Does Seeds help fund the work of other organizations?

A: Seeds does not provide funding to other organizations, but welcomes opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Contact info@seedsofafrica.org if interested.