Our People - Ethiopia

Who better to work with the people in Adama, Ethiopia than Ethiopians themselves? We hire local talent for global solutions.

Our People


Meet everyone who makes it happen in Adama

Genet Damtew
Director of Operations

Genet Damtew grew up in Adama, Ethiopia. She has been a community leader and educator in schools and church her entire life, as well as an advocate for women’s education and empowerment. Genet graduated from Addis Ababa Commercial College after marrying Tesfaye Worku, also a community leader and educator. Together, they moved to an underdeveloped neighborhood in Addis Ababa and eventually opened the Addis Ababa School.

Genet currently resides in Adama and is known in the community as the “Model Mom.” It was Genet’s and Tesfaye’s emphasis on education that inspired their daughter Atti to build a community for children through Seeds of Africa.

Bekele Almu Mekuria
Head Tutor

Bekele Almu Mekuria possesses a Teaching Certificate from the Debre Birhan Teacher Training Institute and he currently serves as the Head Teacher at the Seeds’ Take-Root Center. His 30 years of experience in both teaching and administrative positions have prepared him to lead our skilled team of teachers in implementing our innovative curriculum.

Selam Kebede
Assistant Tutor, Math

Selam Kebede graduated from Oromiya Teachers’ College in Adama and has 8 years of experience teaching and tutoring math. She draws on her training in accounting to assist our Seeds as the Assistant Math Tutor at the Take-Root Center.